Rototec » Rototec Oy and Robit Oyj deepen their co-operation

Rototec Oy and Robit Oyj deepen their co-operation

Rototec Oy and Robit Oyj have signed a comprehensive co-operation and delivery agreement. The target of the collaboration is to advance the utilization of geoenergy both in Finland and Scandinavia. The agreement contains also product development in co-operation to meet the industry’s development trends, such as increasingly deeper bore holes.

The agreement is a continuum for the companies’ existing co-operation being even more comprehensive.

Rototec Oy is the largest provider of geoenergy solutions in Europe and an innovative forerunner in the industry. The company meets new possibilities on the field of increasing utilization of renewable energy. Rototec Oy has also started providing consultant services in China, where geoenergy solutions are strongly becoming common.

Robit Oyj is a strongly internationalized growth company selling and servicing global customers in drilling consumables. Geoenergy bore holes have formed an important and growing segment as a part of the company’s business. Geoenergy solutions have expanded from private economies to apartment buildings, large business centers as well as warehouses. Technology enables also cooling at present.

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